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The first house we intended to purchase is no longer available on the market, but our efforts have not changed, and we will continue our search for the perfect home.

Comforting the Community

Our most marginalized unhoused communities have been left to create options without opportunities. How can someone live without tools to survive? Do you know what it’s like to be on the streets with no clean clothes or basic hygiene accessibility while not having your HIV medication? Maybe you haven’t but that’s the current reality  of one of your community members.



Faithlynn's Closet is an extension of Comforting the Community. Items collected for the closet are given to currently served humans. These include brand new makeup supplies, lashes, brushes, sponges, brand new human hair wigs, and more. Appointments are required to visit the closet. Contact us here if you are interested in donating items to the closet.

Price of


What’s the price for peace? If you are looking to have gender-affirming surgery or procedures, we would love to support you on your journey. We will cover what your insurance doesn’t, up to $30,000. Proof of insurance is required. Our ability to provide this service is contingent upon donations.

Mental Health


Along with our other services that are contingent upon donations, our goal is to provide additional financial resources  in mental health services to humans who either lack sufficient insurance or are underinsured in this area.

Permanent Housing


One of the largest challenges the unhoused LGBTQIA+/BIPOC community is securing permanent, reliable shelter. Our organization is working with realtors to secure a large house to renovate. This property could provide permanent housing in order to get several humans off of the streets. Ideally, we would like to fund the salaries of case managers who can remain on-site and support the new tenants.


Transportation Fund

Another goal of our organization is to provide safe transportation to those in need, whether it is to doctor's appointments, the DMV, or employment. We are raising funds to purchase two 15-passenger vans. These will provide transportation to more  humans while also allowing passengers to maintain social distancing guidelines.