Every transgender, non-binary, and intersex individual is seen as human and given the same resources as cisgender individuals.

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"Hi, amazing humans!! I’m a nonbinary, drag queen from a trans experience who is also a United States veteran. I’ve experienced homelessness, substance abuse, as well as mental and spiritual anguish, all while pushing through military trauma and the development of PTSD and BPD. 

It takes courage to join the military. It takes courage to live your truth in a society that’s constantly telling you that what you feel, believe, understand, and know about yourself is false. Children are our future, children need our guidance, support, wisdom and

This is a major responsibility. When used incorrectly,  it can have devastating consequences. Let us continue to foster our children in a way that helps bring out their best creative qualities. Let us not bestow the traumas and hate that we may have endured. Shift the tide. Shift the narrative. Shift the amount of love and care we provide to our children. The power is yours. "

- Nicki Turner, founder of Helping F.A.I.T.H.